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OPEX – Warehouse Automation


Having a well organised supply chain and correctly distributed goods are very important in production or process line. Automated sorting and picking systems could consistently perform in high standard, which can boost the operation efficiency and accuracy and the cost could be reduced in parallel. One of powerful tools will be a Good-to-Person warehouse.

One of the tools in warehouse automation in addition to the use of a Warehouse Management System is to use an automated systems to pick orders with a Goods to Person system. 

OPEX is a leading provider of warehouse automation and helped various companies to meet their warehouse automation targets, including iHerb, Newegg and Biolegend.


Sure Sort™


Sure Sort is the industry-leading scalable, configurable, and cost-effective   small-item robotic sorting system.


OPEX’s® Sure Sort® solution has changed the way companies handle small items, particularly as it relates to parcel sorting, multi-line orders, and reverse logistics. The Sure Sort solution reduces the number of excessive touches associated with existing sorters. Regardless of shape, packaging, or orientation, the Sure Sort sorter provides a better way to sort small items more accurately and efficiently. Single items in a variety of shapes and sizes, and parcels up to 5 lbs., can be delivered to their designated sort location at rates up to 2,400 items per hour.

Smart, Streamlined, Scalable

  • Highly scalable, configurable and cost-effective

  • Single small item robotics sorting system.

  • Easily handles complex variables and delivers a wide variety of parcels and single items to their final location in a single pass


Scalable up to 45’/13.7 m (11 exp mods)

Throughput Rate

Scalable up to 2,400 units/hour


Perfect Pick™


The Perfect Pick® robotic goods-to-person picking technology is engineered to simplify order fulfilment automation with increased throughput, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The Perfect Pick solution, unlike other solutions, is a self-contained, standalone point solution. A Perfect Pick aisle is comprised of modular, high-density racking along with a fleet of autonomous robotic delivery vehicles, iBOTs®, which can access every storage location within their aisle – both horizontally and vertically. iBOTs deliver inventory directly to a workstation located at one or both ends of the aisle. This direct interface eliminates the need for complex conveyor systems or transfer equipment, such as elevators or lifts, which add complexity to the system. Perfect Pick’s traffic control software monitors the position of all order picking bots in the aisle and directs their movements to ensure full resource optimization and operational efficiency.

Features of perfect pick system


Our warehouse robots can access every storage location within their aisle — both horizontally and vertically. iBOTs deliver inventory up to 80 lbs. directly to a workstation located at one or both ends of the aisle


As individual items are picked from Perfect Pick® iBOT’s, they are placed directly into shipping boxes or totes on the OPEX® Workstation. Each container moves along the conveyors and across zero-height transfers from its Pick-to-Light location.


Cortex utilizes color-coordinated Pick-to-Light, order progress indicators, a large touch screen, display and overhead illumination of the cell to ensure accurate order fulfilment.


Get orders right the first time, every time, with screen and light-directed picking that ensures accuracy even at high volumes.

Advantages of Perfect Pick System


Designed to grow with your business, additional aisles and iBOT® robotic vehicles can be added to increase storage and throughput needs.


Get up to 1000 totes per hour per aisle for maximum uptime with patented iBOT® technology that uses regenerative braking to recapture energy.



Eliminate zones and streamline your fulfilment process with single or double deep tote storage capacity for greater flexibility to slot items across the warehouse


Our systems are built to meet your operational goals with customized system configurations and designs.



Stop interruptions in your operation with warehouse robots that are completely self-contained within the aisle and recharge on a closed-circuit system.



Store inventory safely within a closed loop that can only be accessed by an operator at a pick station

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